Saturday, July 22, 2017


Copos de madeira 5 
Pinça Pega Gelo em prata 1
Porta copos de prata 20
Cinzeiro de Prata 4 
Marcador de Lugar Prata 6 
Protetor de pés de cadeiras anti barulho 5 
Vela 1 
Cobre bolo 3 
colher de sobremesa 8 
Garfo 8 
Faca de mesa 12 
Colher 18
jogo americano de tecido 1
Estátua cavaleiro porta velas 1 
Toalha de rosto 12
Estátua cavalo em madeira 1 
Estátua mulher de ferro 1 
Estátua mulher porta velas 1 
Estátua sereia porta velas 1 
Lençol de cama 6 
Estatua homem Chinês 1
Toalha de banho 3
Estátua mulher chinesa 2
Blusa 46
Sutiã 6 
Decoração de cobre 1
Suporte para cortina pequena 1 
leggings 2 
pelicano em madeira 1 
recipiente de metal 1 
recipiente de madeira 1 
Recipiente de terracota 1
prato de porcelana 1 
Cinzeiro de porcelana 3 
Recipiente de vidro 1
Espelho pequeno 1 
Lâmpada 1 
porta-escovas de dente 1 
Peso para cartas 12 
Decoração de Natal 2 
Aparador de porta em madeira 1
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

iPhone and Android: 10 things You (probably) Did Not Know You Can Do 

More intelligent, more and more sophisticated. Let us help you with a few tricks to learn how to better use your phone

The smartphone has become the true protagonist of everyday life. From the alarm to music, reading newspapers to social networks: there is no time of day that is not accompanied by your phone. But are you sure you know him so well? In the war between iPhone and Android everything is played to the sound of small changes, which often ignores the existence. Here, then, ten things you did not know you could do with your smartphone.

Image sequences
Did you know that with the iPhone you can take pictures in sequence ? Just open the application of the camera, frame the subject you want  capture and hold the center button for a few seconds it takes to shoot. In doing so the phone will play a series of shots, which you can use as a sequence in the case of moving subjects or to select, among the pictures taken, the one you prefer.

The timer for the music 
The timer within the mobile phone is nothing new, but few know that with the iPhone you can also use it for listening to audio files. This is useful, for example, if you like to sleep with the music or with some audiobook in the background. This allows you to set the time period stop playing. Just set the timer and click on "Stop", then scroll down and select "Stop Playing" to stop playback.

The reading of Siri 
Siri is not just an item to be used for voice searches. It can also serve to read entire texts and if some pronunciation mistakes can teach yourself what is the right one.Once you activate the feature "pronunciation screen and preliminary selection" and press the "Read" Siri begins reading the text. To correct the pronunciation of some words just to say: "That's not how you pronounce" (trans. "Do not pronounce it ''). The virtual assistant will respond by proposing alternatives and at this point simply choose the right one.

To cancel the last action performed , iPhone has enabled the "Undo", which, for example, allows you to step back by deleting the text in case of errors. To activate it you just shake the smartphone. At this point you'll see the option and you can click to cancel your last action.

Symbols iphone 
If you want to speed up your writing method with the iPhone there is a way. Just hold a letter, number or symbol for quick access to many special characters, such as accented letters or alphabets of foreign artists in particular, by holding a number you can quickly select the version apex male or female.

Unlocking the phone, his face
A nice feature of Android and little known is the ability to unlock your phone with facial recognition . If you want to enable the settings you just go on, here click "Security" and then on "Smart Lock". Then just select the "Face trusted" and that's it.

Change colors for the color-blind 
Android is also concerned about the color blind . For people suffering from this disorder, you can change the screen colors so they can be identified. The settings you have to choose "Color Correction", and then selecting the type of correction that you choose among three modes: Deuteranomalìa (red-green), protanomalia (red-green), Tritanomalìa (blue-yellow). This option is currently very experimental and only available in smartphones that have Android operating system Lollipop.

Remove spam 
How many times do you get notifications you would erase the existence? Those games or updates to applications you no longer use so often. With Android you can remove spam with a single click . Just press and hold the notification until a small 'i' will appear on the right side. Tapping the 'i' can block the application preventing it from sending notifications in the future, or you set a priority established.

Create multiple profiles Google
With the latest update of Android , you can create a multi-user mode . This means that you can create a profile "Guest" if someone else uses your phone. Just scroll down the notifications bar and touch the profile icon in the upper right to view user profiles currently available. If you've never used one before, you'll see the icon of your profile flanked by access as a guest or create a new profile.

Saves battery  
With Android you can know in real time what applications are consuming more battery and how much time remains before the phone goes off. Also you can now also set a power saving function which can be reached by scrolling down from the top of the screen with two fingers. At this point in the screen that appears, just tap the three dots at the top right and click on "Power Saving": This option can be turned on or always based on the percentage of charge remaining.

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Flowers And Horoscope: The Right Flowers For Each Zodiac Sign

The flowers to put in your home or give under the zodiac sign: discover the floral horoscope!

Aries is a fire sign, whose ruling planet is Mars : those born under this sign are courageous people, full of initiative and always looking for new ideas. Original, creative and spontaneous, they protect their tender heart hiding for fear of suffering, and appearing bolder than what they actually are. They love to show off their skills and their victories, and prefer to be a leader rather than be guided by others, which is why the flower more suitable for those born under this sign is the narcissus , in tribute to their side a bit 'vain, that in bottom forgive him (almost) always.

Passionate, lazy, possessive and sensual: those born under the sign of Taurus are hard to please, because while it affected attachment to the Earth - their natural element - the other are influenced by Venus , and this leads them to become attached to places and people, but also to be very stubborn and determined, until it touches the hardness.Generally people are a bit 'presumptuous and "taken with the tongs," but when they choose someone can be very loyal and faithful. Their flower is why the rose , representing the sweetness enclosed in thorns, a plant difficult to cure, that can sting people trying to seize it, but because of this considered valuable and unique.

Air sign tied to the influence of the planet Mercury (the only one that combines quality male and female), the sign of Gemini is related to thought, intellect and knowledge: the main characteristic of those born under this star is duplicity, intended as a dual personality , rationality and emotion, change and stability, petals and thorns. Great communicators, creative yet methodical, seek in others a sense of stability and peace - perhaps to compensate for their dual and sometimes contradictory spirit - and know how to be good leaders, though sometimes threaten to cloud the issue of who is to their neighbor. For them befitting the cornflower , a symbol of peace and serenity, and the lily , which represents elegance and strength, but also the coldness and attention.

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the influence of the moon , and stars are born under these people considered dreamers, abstract, lost in their dreams, afraid to come out of its shell. There are also romantic and tend to live out of time, in a quiet dimension and languid, sometimes slipping into the opposite, tending to cry on rather than fight to emerge and assert themselves. Their flowers are the lucky charm hydrangeas - symbolizing the coldness and abstraction - to the magnolias , and all the plants that love shade, peace and grow in every corner, such as water lilies and aquatic plants.

Influenced by the element of fire and dominated by the Sun , the Lion has all the "real" of the zodiac is a natural leader , strong and tenacious, which can be ignited by anger but also able to dominate others without breaking through to its undeniable charisma. Those born under this sign are magnanimous, brave, loyal and generous, sometimes running the risk of appearing a bit ', self-centered. Their flower-symbol is the sunflower , the consideration of their ruling planet - the sun, in fact - that goes well with the royalty of their character.

The natural element of the virgin is the Earth , and this is certainly making more rational, precise and critic of the zodiac, which likes to keep everything under control. Those born under these stars are the kings of order and clarity; They do not give compliments to anyone, but at least they know to be appreciated and loved for their loyalty and faithfulness . The flower mascot of the Virgin is the gardenia , symbol of purity and sincerity, but also the lily , which, in addition to the qualities listed above, contains also the loyalty and noble pride.

The libra is an air sign ruled by Venus , and balance and beauty are the two words that best characterize it. Constantly in search of compromise and diplomatic position that puts all agree, Those born under these stars want to find the point of balance in all situations, hate conflicts and injustices, but they love dispassionately all that is related to beauty and harmony that can express. Their flowers are the hyacinth , associated with the disengagement, and ' iris , that represents their will of love and the constant search for elegance.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio is not lacking in charm and an air of mystery surrounding his past, making his character even more irresistible. Of all the signs of the zodiac, the scorpion is the most sensual , but also as a counter the undeniable flaw easily fall victim of jealousy. The passion that distinguishes it in love can turn into real fire when it comes to responding to the offenses, and this happens quite often, since people born under these stars are very touchy. The mystery and sensuality of the scorpion are well represented from both ' orchid that the rhododendron , with its petals deep pink is the symbol of love and beauty where it is easy to fall into temptation.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius has among its main features the optimism and ' fun : they love to surround themselves with friends and constantly enrich their circle, traveling and exploring unexplored places where satisfy their curiosity. It is difficult, if not almost impossible, kidnap forever heart of Sagittarius, which also in love loves jumping into unknown adventures and is constantly looking for new conquests. Flowers mascot of this sign are the red carnation , the symbol of nobility, but also the passion with which the Sagittarius lives his life and the news, and the lotus flower , associated to the evolution of human consciousness.

Certain like no other, those born under the sign of Capricorn are distinguished by the dedication and determination with which to pursue their goals. Sometimes it may seem a little 'shy and introverted, but it is only an appearance, because in reality they are very self-confident and are only considering more carefully the people around them. In love they tend to lay down their arms in haste and to completely surrender to the joys of married life . Their flower is the poppy red, a symbol of power seeking in the workplace and loyalty , element that characterizes their love life.

Of all the zodiac signs, the ' aquarius stands out as the most unconventional : those born under these stars like to go against the tide and to forget any rule to true free spirits . Very altruistic, for them the ' friendship is a fundamental value, but in love are not as faithful in a relationship win their desire for freedom and demanding their right to change his mind as and when they like. Their mascot is the flower geranium , symbol of ' friendship , and the lily of the valley , which represents peace and the balance of which are often looking.

Fish are among the signs most creative of all the zodiac: the art flows in their veins and this feature often results in a struggle against the outside world, who do not always understand their creativity. fickle and often hesitant , those born under these star loves question everything, and for that reason to take a final decision is often a rock hard to overcome. The fish love daydreaming and firmly believe in the eternal love: their mascot flower is wisteria , with its delicacy symbolizes generosity, reflection and meditation, but also the peony , to win their hidden fears.
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9 Things to Know If You Are Dealing With The Sign Of Scorpio!

If we have a partner or friends of the sign of Scorpio, well '... we are very lucky. This is demonstrated by these nine characteristics of a sign of passion, protective, intense, deep, genuine and fun!

If it associated with the creature that is, the sign of Scorpio  (23 / 10-22 / 11) can be frightening: poisonous arachnids, with a sting scary and, at least in our humble opinion, not too pleasant to see. In fact men and women born under the sign of Scorpio are another thing : people crammed resources, deep and serious, capable of feeling intense emotions and marked by a magnetic appeal . Their affinity with the scorpion arachnid is linked to the fact that, with the enemies , those born under the sign of Scorpio study the weak point and await the right moment to act.

Just to get an idea - though certainly all know men and women of the scorpion - between the VIPs and celebrities born under this sign are Riccardo Scamarcio, Julia Roberts, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway (three pictured), Voltaire, Niccolo Paganini, Gianni Rodari, Ennio Morricone, Martin Scorsese, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Diego Armando Maradona, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson ...

But what are the things to know absolutely stand next to - and possibly to seduce - a man or a woman scorpion? Here they are!

Scorpio rhymes with ... passion!
People scorpion love burning passion and desire . They are men and women fiery , seeking relationships - loving but also friendly - comprehensive and meaningful , they consider the only worth living. They do not throw themselves headlong into a relationship, however: they need to feel they can trust their friends and of their partner , before opening up completely showing how much depth they are capable. Both in friendship and in love, scorpions are very sensitive to betrayal , and little inclined to forgive him.

Scorpio, almost a bodyguard ...
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are so proudly loyal towards people around them to be always ready to look their shoulders . Nothing is free of course: in return expect the same treatment . But when you need someone you can count really, with whom they can confide without fear that our secrets are spifferati to the four winds or when you need a word of consolation, the scorpion is the ideal person. And one that we will always tell the truth , no matter how bad it can get. And not out of malice, not at all: the scorpion wants only the best for his loved ones, for which is ready to fight like a crusader.

The watchword of the scorpion is "honesty"
When we interface with people born under a particular sign so we must always be transparent, frank and very direct. For them it is crucial. What's more essential. He does not like at all the fraudulent behaviors, and are intuitive enough to be able to recognize, if not the first time, the most of every second. If you notice that someone is not honest with them , scorpions him permanently deleted from the circle of their friends . In turn, people are very honest, so there is no reason to hide them something.

The scorpion is mysterious, and loves secrets
Those born under the sign of Scorpio like "play" to make sure that everything is a bit 'a secret , and in fact intend to actually maintain an aura of mystery around their life and their personality . Not always, however: enter into perfect harmony with a person Scorpion requires time, sometimes even to become aware of the most trivial details such as date of birth or the preferred color . Not to mention information that might give us an "advantage" over them in case an outbreak of conflict still remain ambitious people and combative . But once you begin to tell their secrets, we know you've got their love and their friendship.

Scorpions are souls deep (sometimes despite appearances)
It happens that people born under the sign of Scorpio may seem indifferent, superficial or even frivolous . It was wrong. It is actually of people deeply connected with their soul , and despise whatever is superficial. They have their own spirituality, linked to the soul, where every moment is precious to get a connection with yourself and with the people in their care . For this tune into a man or woman of the scorpion can seem so difficult: it is required a good deal of empathy , as well as patience. But then, that satisfaction!

Scorpio, one of the most persistent signs of the Zodiac
Of all the signs of the Zodiac, the scorpion is one of the most tenacious , and will not let go easily taken, be it a friendship, a relationship or an adventure that has decided to take . It is true that, if the reality is not up to their expectations, the scorpions tend to get bored easily , and this for the constant need for passion and intensity which we have already spoken. As long as a person or an experience not touch the soul, the scorpion did not give in. But if this happens, those born under the sign of Scorpio knows create reports encompassing , maybe for some a little 'tiring, but certainly never discharges of emotions, stimulation and novelty.

For the scorpion is the saying "few but good"
If any of us knows a person Scorpion, at least once in your life you will be asked why this same person, having regard to its many virtues, is not constantly surrounded by friends, acquaintances or even fans! It is no accident, but a deliberate choice of the scorpion , which bases its relationships on a restricted - if not very restricted - circle of friends which is certain to be able to count and which can always have support. If the scorpion is not located in the others as you look, has no problem to be alone , struggling with his soul and depth.

The scorpion needs certainty and solidity
With those born under the sign of Scorpio, the X Factor actually becomes the S Factor, ie solidity . People of this sign give it much importance to the firmness and certainty. A little 'by inclination, and a bit' vanity: conscious of their charm, the scorpions love to have certainty about the feelings of people around them . They also appreciate the people who know how to demonstrate to feel good about themselves, self-confident, they know well calibrate their decisions and we do not repent after a moment. Translated: the scorpion do not like whining.

Friends precious, but woe to tell what a scorpion should do!
One of the things - indeed, perhaps it is "the thing" - we must always remember that when we interface with a scorpion, whatever the relationship between us, is that the animal armed with a sting does not like at all to be told what should or should not do . We could say that basically we are all a bit 'so. True, but in the case of a scorpion there is something more: the scorpion hates, hates, and yet hates this kind of attitude . He needs his space, and needs to hear that other people give the same confidence that he (or she) has placed in him / herself.

Well, dear friends, the list of the main characteristics of those born under the sign of Scorpio ends here. As we have seen are people very excited and emozionabili, funny, loyal and charismatic. In addition to protective, sometimes to excess . Basically people are perfect to have on the side , both as friends and partners. What do you say? Do you have friends and girlfriends and / or boyfriends of the scorpio?

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