Wednesday, February 8, 2017

9 Things to Know If You Are Dealing With The Sign Of Scorpio!

If we have a partner or friends of the sign of Scorpio, well '... we are very lucky. This is demonstrated by these nine characteristics of a sign of passion, protective, intense, deep, genuine and fun!

If it associated with the creature that is, the sign of Scorpio  (23 / 10-22 / 11) can be frightening: poisonous arachnids, with a sting scary and, at least in our humble opinion, not too pleasant to see. In fact men and women born under the sign of Scorpio are another thing : people crammed resources, deep and serious, capable of feeling intense emotions and marked by a magnetic appeal . Their affinity with the scorpion arachnid is linked to the fact that, with the enemies , those born under the sign of Scorpio study the weak point and await the right moment to act.

Just to get an idea - though certainly all know men and women of the scorpion - between the VIPs and celebrities born under this sign are Riccardo Scamarcio, Julia Roberts, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway (three pictured), Voltaire, Niccolo Paganini, Gianni Rodari, Ennio Morricone, Martin Scorsese, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Diego Armando Maradona, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson ...

But what are the things to know absolutely stand next to - and possibly to seduce - a man or a woman scorpion? Here they are!

Scorpio rhymes with ... passion!
People scorpion love burning passion and desire . They are men and women fiery , seeking relationships - loving but also friendly - comprehensive and meaningful , they consider the only worth living. They do not throw themselves headlong into a relationship, however: they need to feel they can trust their friends and of their partner , before opening up completely showing how much depth they are capable. Both in friendship and in love, scorpions are very sensitive to betrayal , and little inclined to forgive him.

Scorpio, almost a bodyguard ...
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are so proudly loyal towards people around them to be always ready to look their shoulders . Nothing is free of course: in return expect the same treatment . But when you need someone you can count really, with whom they can confide without fear that our secrets are spifferati to the four winds or when you need a word of consolation, the scorpion is the ideal person. And one that we will always tell the truth , no matter how bad it can get. And not out of malice, not at all: the scorpion wants only the best for his loved ones, for which is ready to fight like a crusader.

The watchword of the scorpion is "honesty"
When we interface with people born under a particular sign so we must always be transparent, frank and very direct. For them it is crucial. What's more essential. He does not like at all the fraudulent behaviors, and are intuitive enough to be able to recognize, if not the first time, the most of every second. If you notice that someone is not honest with them , scorpions him permanently deleted from the circle of their friends . In turn, people are very honest, so there is no reason to hide them something.

The scorpion is mysterious, and loves secrets
Those born under the sign of Scorpio like "play" to make sure that everything is a bit 'a secret , and in fact intend to actually maintain an aura of mystery around their life and their personality . Not always, however: enter into perfect harmony with a person Scorpion requires time, sometimes even to become aware of the most trivial details such as date of birth or the preferred color . Not to mention information that might give us an "advantage" over them in case an outbreak of conflict still remain ambitious people and combative . But once you begin to tell their secrets, we know you've got their love and their friendship.

Scorpions are souls deep (sometimes despite appearances)
It happens that people born under the sign of Scorpio may seem indifferent, superficial or even frivolous . It was wrong. It is actually of people deeply connected with their soul , and despise whatever is superficial. They have their own spirituality, linked to the soul, where every moment is precious to get a connection with yourself and with the people in their care . For this tune into a man or woman of the scorpion can seem so difficult: it is required a good deal of empathy , as well as patience. But then, that satisfaction!

Scorpio, one of the most persistent signs of the Zodiac
Of all the signs of the Zodiac, the scorpion is one of the most tenacious , and will not let go easily taken, be it a friendship, a relationship or an adventure that has decided to take . It is true that, if the reality is not up to their expectations, the scorpions tend to get bored easily , and this for the constant need for passion and intensity which we have already spoken. As long as a person or an experience not touch the soul, the scorpion did not give in. But if this happens, those born under the sign of Scorpio knows create reports encompassing , maybe for some a little 'tiring, but certainly never discharges of emotions, stimulation and novelty.

For the scorpion is the saying "few but good"
If any of us knows a person Scorpion, at least once in your life you will be asked why this same person, having regard to its many virtues, is not constantly surrounded by friends, acquaintances or even fans! It is no accident, but a deliberate choice of the scorpion , which bases its relationships on a restricted - if not very restricted - circle of friends which is certain to be able to count and which can always have support. If the scorpion is not located in the others as you look, has no problem to be alone , struggling with his soul and depth.

The scorpion needs certainty and solidity
With those born under the sign of Scorpio, the X Factor actually becomes the S Factor, ie solidity . People of this sign give it much importance to the firmness and certainty. A little 'by inclination, and a bit' vanity: conscious of their charm, the scorpions love to have certainty about the feelings of people around them . They also appreciate the people who know how to demonstrate to feel good about themselves, self-confident, they know well calibrate their decisions and we do not repent after a moment. Translated: the scorpion do not like whining.

Friends precious, but woe to tell what a scorpion should do!
One of the things - indeed, perhaps it is "the thing" - we must always remember that when we interface with a scorpion, whatever the relationship between us, is that the animal armed with a sting does not like at all to be told what should or should not do . We could say that basically we are all a bit 'so. True, but in the case of a scorpion there is something more: the scorpion hates, hates, and yet hates this kind of attitude . He needs his space, and needs to hear that other people give the same confidence that he (or she) has placed in him / herself.

Well, dear friends, the list of the main characteristics of those born under the sign of Scorpio ends here. As we have seen are people very excited and emozionabili, funny, loyal and charismatic. In addition to protective, sometimes to excess . Basically people are perfect to have on the side , both as friends and partners. What do you say? Do you have friends and girlfriends and / or boyfriends of the scorpio?