Wednesday, February 8, 2017

iPhone and Android: 10 things You (probably) Did Not Know You Can Do 

More intelligent, more and more sophisticated. Let us help you with a few tricks to learn how to better use your phone

The smartphone has become the true protagonist of everyday life. From the alarm to music, reading newspapers to social networks: there is no time of day that is not accompanied by your phone. But are you sure you know him so well? In the war between iPhone and Android everything is played to the sound of small changes, which often ignores the existence. Here, then, ten things you did not know you could do with your smartphone.

Image sequences
Did you know that with the iPhone you can take pictures in sequence ? Just open the application of the camera, frame the subject you want  capture and hold the center button for a few seconds it takes to shoot. In doing so the phone will play a series of shots, which you can use as a sequence in the case of moving subjects or to select, among the pictures taken, the one you prefer.

The timer for the music 
The timer within the mobile phone is nothing new, but few know that with the iPhone you can also use it for listening to audio files. This is useful, for example, if you like to sleep with the music or with some audiobook in the background. This allows you to set the time period stop playing. Just set the timer and click on "Stop", then scroll down and select "Stop Playing" to stop playback.

The reading of Siri 
Siri is not just an item to be used for voice searches. It can also serve to read entire texts and if some pronunciation mistakes can teach yourself what is the right one.Once you activate the feature "pronunciation screen and preliminary selection" and press the "Read" Siri begins reading the text. To correct the pronunciation of some words just to say: "That's not how you pronounce" (trans. "Do not pronounce it ''). The virtual assistant will respond by proposing alternatives and at this point simply choose the right one.

To cancel the last action performed , iPhone has enabled the "Undo", which, for example, allows you to step back by deleting the text in case of errors. To activate it you just shake the smartphone. At this point you'll see the option and you can click to cancel your last action.

Symbols iphone 
If you want to speed up your writing method with the iPhone there is a way. Just hold a letter, number or symbol for quick access to many special characters, such as accented letters or alphabets of foreign artists in particular, by holding a number you can quickly select the version apex male or female.

Unlocking the phone, his face
A nice feature of Android and little known is the ability to unlock your phone with facial recognition . If you want to enable the settings you just go on, here click "Security" and then on "Smart Lock". Then just select the "Face trusted" and that's it.

Change colors for the color-blind 
Android is also concerned about the color blind . For people suffering from this disorder, you can change the screen colors so they can be identified. The settings you have to choose "Color Correction", and then selecting the type of correction that you choose among three modes: Deuteranomalìa (red-green), protanomalia (red-green), Tritanomalìa (blue-yellow). This option is currently very experimental and only available in smartphones that have Android operating system Lollipop.

Remove spam 
How many times do you get notifications you would erase the existence? Those games or updates to applications you no longer use so often. With Android you can remove spam with a single click . Just press and hold the notification until a small 'i' will appear on the right side. Tapping the 'i' can block the application preventing it from sending notifications in the future, or you set a priority established.

Create multiple profiles Google
With the latest update of Android , you can create a multi-user mode . This means that you can create a profile "Guest" if someone else uses your phone. Just scroll down the notifications bar and touch the profile icon in the upper right to view user profiles currently available. If you've never used one before, you'll see the icon of your profile flanked by access as a guest or create a new profile.

Saves battery  
With Android you can know in real time what applications are consuming more battery and how much time remains before the phone goes off. Also you can now also set a power saving function which can be reached by scrolling down from the top of the screen with two fingers. At this point in the screen that appears, just tap the three dots at the top right and click on "Power Saving": This option can be turned on or always based on the percentage of charge remaining.